Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mill is a for cement raw materials, cement clinker, slag and coal cinder grinding processing, has the advantages of simple structure, easy fabrication and low cost characteristics. Comprises a body, a grinding disc device and a transmission device

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Vertical Roller Mill For green production "escort"

With the rapid development of economy, the problem of energy saving and environmental protection is becoming more and more popular in our country. In the development of industry, steel slag powder is a high quality mineral admixture, which has received wide attention and favor. However, there are also environmental protection problems in the process of steel slag powder production. In particular, the huge energy consumption of the production equipment, such as vertical mill, not only become a huge burden to the enterprises, but also contrary to the national energy saving and environmental protection policies.

From the aspects of energy saving, we produce the vertical roller mill structure is compact and simple, the set of crushing, drying, grinding, powder, transportation as a whole, do not need to buy another drying, separator, lifting equipment, full-featured, covers an area of small, construction cost low; moreover, it uses material layer grinding mechanism grinding materials, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, the power consumption of the grinding system than in a ball mill low 20% - 30% and with the increase of the moisture of raw material, energy saving effect more significant, customers preferred equipment for production of large grinding.

From the emission reduction, vertical roller mill set to prevent the roller and the grinding disc lining board in direct contact with the position limit mechanism, in the work grinding roller and the grinding disc is not in direct contact, no ball mill steel ball bumping into each other, the ball hit lining plate of metal impact sound, small noise, than the general milling machine low 20 ~ 25 dB, greatly reducing the noise pollution; in addition, it uses whole sealing system, system to operate under negative pressure, no dust, clean environment, effective way to avoid the dust pollution in a large area.

Vertical Roller Mill Working Priciple

Motor through a speed reducer drives the grinding disc to rotate, material through the air lock feeder from the feed inlet, fall in the center of the disc, while the hot air from the inlet into the ground. With the rotation of the disc, material under the action of centrifugal force, moving toward the edge of the grinding disc, through the annular groove on the disc by grinding roller and grinding, crushing material on the edge of the disc is wind ring of high-speed airflow with, large particles directly onto the disc re grinding, material in the air flow through the upper part of the separator, in under the action of rotating rotor and coarse powder from the cone bucket onto the disc re grinding, qualified fine powder with the air with a grinding, dust collection device through the collection, is the product containing moisture and hot air flow contact were dried in, by adjusting the temperature of hot air, meet the requirements of different humidity material, reach the required moisture products. By adjusting the separator, the thickness of the product can be achieved.

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