Basalt crusher Introduction

Basalt crusher is a crushing equipment, appearance is similar with jaw crusher , but its performance than the same size crushing equipment 3 times higher. For example, the basalt crusher in the broken basalt material enters, up to 2,200 tons per hour, running without any swing, blocking phenomenon. Basalt crusher stand-alone energy-saving 15% -30%, more than double the energy-saving system, with advanced technology, long life, reliable, simple maintenance and so on.

Advantages of basalt crusher in Philippines

  • 1. Basalt crusher can effectively solve the original crushing equipment, low output, high operation rate, no maintenance time.
  • 2. The basalt can be broken, the maximum particle size of 1000 * 1200mm, basalt output size equal.
  • 3. The equipment in the broken basalt materials, not only reduces the cost of raw materials. Power consumption is reduced. 1 ton of basalt power consumption 1-2KWh / t, the annual energy saving 100,000 yuan.
  • 4. With the specifications of the crushing equipment productivity is higher than 20-30%; basalt block in the lower part of the moving jaw with a larger up and down movement, easy to shape the shape of the cube.

Basalt crushing production line

Basalt is relatively high content of silicon, the main component is quartz and feldspar, etc., is a very hard stone, the hardness between 6-8, compressive strength can reach 300MPa or more, but also on the high wear-resistant stone crusher.

The stone material is sent to the jaw crusher to be crushed by the feeder evenly. The coarse material is broken by the belt conveyor and then broken into the sand making machine. The broken material is transported to the sieving sieve and the material of the finished size is sent to the sand washing machine. Cleaning, finished conveyor belt output after the completion of the finished product size required by the material from the screen back to the re-processing of sand can not be achieved, the formation of many closed-loop. Product size can be combined according to the needs of users and grading. If you choose the production process, can be equipped with thick powder separator and dust removal equipment.

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