Calcined Dolomite Production Line

Vertical crusher machine products on behalf of vertical shaft impact crusher, which is widely used in iron ore, gold, cement, glass, ceramics, electric power, iron and steel industry of fine material. First of all talk about vertical crusher (that is, the spindle is vertical). The machine from the 80s of the 20th century after the introduction of become to break the generation of grinding of hot selling products, as fine crusher, the average material particle size less than or equal to 3 ~ 4mm, 90% into fine powder, the ball mill feed size reduce, yield increased by 20% ~ 30%.

After 20 years of development and evolution, the vertical shaft crusher from the first generation to the fifth generation, by a single blow broken evolved into shock impact crusher, hammer service life than older models improves the more than 4 times. But if the choice of vertical crusher for highway construction materials of the broken, that is the type of error, this will be used to talk about the horizontal crusher.

Crusher Machine Production Line

Horizontal crusher (spindle is recumbent use). The types: horizontal axis counterattack type crusher, horizontal shaft type hammer crusher, ring hammer crusher, jaw crusher price of gap and geometric angle can produce the required specifications of the various materials, and the shape of raw material (was six prism), compressive strength is high. Horizontal broken the structure characteristics of the machine are: high production capacity, unit product energy consumption low, broken than large, alternative multistage crush, namely in limited conditions, the models can from thick broken to fine crushing to complete the whole process of production.

Roll crusher (roller rolling and grinding by shear crushing). Is it his broken machine exceed the main advantages are: simple structure, compact structure, light weight, reliable work, adjust the crushing more convenient, no need basis will be able to use the drying machine manufacturer (i.e. toothed roll crusher), its application in occasions of bulk materials broken to small pieces of materials (including water). Disadvantages are: low production capacity, feeding is continuous and uniform, roll surface wear uneven product size also is not easy to be uniform and need frequent repairs. Generally, there are two kinds of roller surface of roller type crusher, and a kind of roller surface with a tooth.

Jaw Crusher is often used as a crude broken, low cost, high yield, its rugged, simple structure, reliable operation, materials handling large size range, broken and strong, widely used in limestone, iron ore and other non-compressive strength limit more than 2500kg / cm2 of various minerals and rocks.

In the multi-stage crushing process, through thick broken, thin broken, eventually forming the desired product, this is a common crushing production line. If the primary production of more than two broken broken, or two more than three broken broken, people often think a good break, two broken, three broken bad. In fact, this is a typical mismatch selection process upside down. Therefore, when a multi-stage crushing process arrangement, two bankruptcy amount to be considered slightly more than a break, and so on, so that the process can be smooth. Feed crusher is people tend to underestimate and overlook the place, feeding the crusher relationship to life and the normal operating cycle of the crusher, when the feed evenly feed. So be sure to follow the instructions to operate, pay attention to the crusher maintenance and repair.

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