Carbon Black Raymond Mill

Raymond mill by analyzing the machine and fan interaction, can satisfy the needs of various fields. Operation of the machine is very stable, high stability. When the operation to reduce air resistance, the powder is more delicate, more powder fineness of the same power. Less damage to wear parts, making the machine work in a more high-speed operation, reducing unnecessary losses. Very smooth rotation of the spindle and plum frame were more conducive to stable design, the machine is in operation more stable and steady. Chance of failure is also reduced a lot, raymond mill designed to increase the explosive devices, in the event of accidental explosion as much as possible to reduce the injury rate, effective protection of the personal safety of the operator, the enterprise has also been a corresponding protection.

Raymond mill is adapted to small and medium sized mines, alchemists, cement and other industries for high fine powder machine. Instead of a new ball mill. Compared with raymond mill mill large area, high energy consumption. The machine is a low one-time investment for long-term development. In winnowing stream that side, than high-speed centrifugal crusher machine dust generated less, workplace environment is relatively clean. For the operation of the workers of the respiratory system also reduces the number of injuries, reducing sequelae.

Raymond Mill Maintenance Mechanism

Raymond mill is grinding operation of the most important and the most basic equipment, we all know, it will directly affect the maintenance of equipment life, therefore, SBM machine to remind you that in the course of daily use must pay attention to the maintenance of the device. This article is to bring the use of lubricants and maintenance mechanism Raymond mill.

In the process of elimination of high pressure mill spill mechanism should be in accordance with standardized management and inspection procedures to take reasonable, it targeted high-pressure oil mill management and use, in order to establish a highly efficient oil mill of detection and management mechanism to ensure the effective use of mill, but also provides the foundation for effective device management user's production and development. Management of high pressure mill lubrication should be combined with the actual needs of users, and the introduction of appropriate new technologies and new ways to enhance the lubricating oil mill management, the establishment and consolidation of testing equipment to optimize the effect of lubricants, in follow strict rules and regulations based on the implementation details of the oil detection and management, and control and management of accumulated experience in the specific practice, in order to effectively implement the lubricating oil mill process optimization and control. Periodically changing the oil will affect the mill to a certain extent, be replaced periodically so that the lubricating oil plant maintenance mechanism built on top of a fixed pattern, set shorter maintenance intervals may cause lubricating oil to replace the unexpired , resulting in a waste of resources, maintenance cycle is too long, the lubricating effect of raymond mill will be greatly reduced, the impact of the use of appropriate equipment. Therefore, the user should establish a more flexible regular mill maintenance lubricants mechanism to ensure the quality and effect of lubricating oil.

Raymond Mill Manufactures

Raymond mill the whole structure by the host, analysis machine, plumbing fixtures, fans, according to user needs can be equipped with crusher machine, hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric motors and other components. Material crushed to the desired particle size, the material sent by the hoisting machine hopper, and then the feeder will feed into the mainframe uniform continuous grinding room, due to the centrifugal force rotation, the roller swings outward, pressed to wear the ring, shovel blade materials to roll grinding and grinding ring between, because the rolling mill rolls to achieve the purpose of crushing. After grinding powder material is brought into the analysis with circulating air blower machine sorting, fine through coarse material regrinding, qualified powder into the air finished cyclone powder collector through a powder discharge pipe, It is finished. When was the grinding of materials because there is some water, grinding in the grinding room heat, moisture evaporation, and the whole of each pipe interface is not tight, the outside air is sucked into the circulation increased pressure to ensure the mill work in the vacuum state , the increase in gas flow through the duct into the dust, after being purified into the atmosphere.

Raymond mill manufacturer in Shanghai has a good reputation. Raymond mill after many years of practice and continuous improvement, its structure has been improving, with high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, low capital investment and environmental pollution. Which is widely used in the grinding process metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining minerals in areas such material, suitable for processing Mohs hardness of seven or less, and various non-explosive mineral humidity below 6%, such as gypsum, talc , calcite, limestone, marble, feldspar, barite, dolomite, granite, kaolin, bentonite, stone, bauxite, iron oxide red, iron ore, finished fineness of 613 microns to 440 microns (0.613 mm -0.44 mm).

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