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In the 21st century, mining machinery market demand, the data show that China's mining machinery stable growth between 35% to 46%. Market demand for mining machinery manufacturing in driving economic growth, but also to promote the technological progress of the industry, the emergence of a large number of independent intellectual property rights of large-scale advanced products, narrowing the gap with advanced countries.

With the global economy and the development of fusion, the domestic mining machinery users, especially large-scale mining machinery user, mine development in the procurement process and equipment have been with international standards, domestic equipment in the domestic market price advantage and sometimes does not play a large number of effect. Experts in the status of mining machinery markets at home and abroad, analyzed and summarized the domestic market demand for mining machinery quality performance in the following areas:

1. Large-scale high-tech equipment is one of the development trend of mining machinery. With the rapid development of China's economy, with the expansion of domestic mining development scale, requiring equipment specifications to achieve large-scale, often requires a world-class.

2. Technical performance of similar products is generally not lower than developed countries, such as reliability, equipment availability, automation or intelligent control, safety and environmental protection and so on. This requirement is and mining machinery and technology trends and environmental issues are closely related.

3. Individual needs of technology and equipment will be gradually revealed. Lack of disposable resources around the world are concerned, coupled with our mineral resource is gradually on the "poor", "deep" and comprehensive utilization of development direction Ore development, therefore needs of individual users and devices on the craft come out, users want a personalized final solution.

4. One user requirements for the procurement of equipment is a resource-saving technology and equipment, including water and gas consumption indicators energy efficiency, equipment utilization of materials, equipment wear-resistant material consumption indicators, processes and equipment and the like. This will not only reduce production costs, and more importantly, it is the country's resources-oriented policies.

Although China has become the mining machinery manufacturing country, but not mining machinery manufacturing power. With the development of China's reform and opening up and globalization of world economy, mining machinery market competition will become increasingly fierce, we will move toward digital, intelligent, ecological and other direction in the future, in order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users.

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