Construction Waste Crusher

The resource treatment of construction waste has become a worldwide topic, most developed countries for the construction of waste treatment most commonly used, and effective way is to cut construction waste from the source, control the production of construction waste, at the same time, the construction of garbage as a resource, from the construction of new industries by building rubbish to be highly valued However, there is no clear regulation on the disposal of construction waste in China, but this does not mean that the construction waste can be arbitrarily stacked, discarded, the country currently advocates the use of mobile construction waste crusher to break it, recycling, therefore, mobile construction waste crusher has been widely used.

Construction waste crusher can realize the transformation of construction waste, no need to transport construction waste to a fixed location, the whole machine is composed of crusher, sieving machine, conveyor, feeder, hoist, dedusting device, electronic control device and so on, because of different processing requirements and operating conditions, it can be equipped with different crusher and different driving ways of building waste crusher. , common jaw type, cone type, counterattack type, tyre type, track type and so on.

When the construction garbage crusher deals with construction rubbish, it is screened by sieving machine first, in line with the requirements of the crusher feed into the crusher, after crushing the same to be controlled by sieving machine, qualified to enter the finished product library, unqualified to return to the broken, can be configured with more than one construction waste crusher, the construction of waste comprehensive coarse, Crushing, crushing processing, can be a separate operation, but also the joint operation of multiple machines, easy to realize the garbage resource processing. Because of the high level of automation of the construction waste crusher, the whole machine can realize remote control, modular assembly, no influence between the equipment, scalable, expansion, folding operations, and configuration of automated silo system, can save a lot of labor management costs

Rust Problem Of Construction Waste Production Line

1. Physical Derusting

We can use the impact of high pressure water jet and abrasive grinding as well as the role of water prying to remove the rust and coating on the construction waste crushing production line. The advantage of physical rust removal is that there is no dust pollution and no damage to steel plates. However, this rust removing method is easy to rust, and the special rust removing coating should be applied to paint.

2. Chemical Derusting

This method of removing rust is to use the chemical reaction of acid and metal oxide to remove the corrosion on the equipment of the broken production line of building waste.

3. Small Wind Or Electric Rust Removal

This rust removal method mainly uses electricity or compressed air as the power, then the appropriate rust removal device is assembled, so as to achieve reciprocating or rotary motion to achieve the effect of rust removal.

4. Smear Anti Oxidation Paint

On the surface of the equipment of the building garbage broken line, the surface of the equipment is coated with mineral oil, paint or burning enamel, spray and so on. Or on the surface of the metal, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, and so on, are plated with electroplating and hot plating. These metal surfaces can form a dense layer of oxide film to prevent the rusting of the equipment of the building waste broken line.

Construction Waste Crusher Makes Construction Waste Reborn

With the continuous progress of urban expansion, the rapid increase of construction waste, it brings harm phenomena, such as restricting economic development, pollution of groundwater sources, Occupy urban land and so on, these are not dealt with directly disorderly put on the next life to affect the harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature, so the construction of waste urgently need efficient comprehensive utilization, The application of construction waste disposal equipment in the construction industry can solve this problem effectively.

After the construction waste crusher of construction waste can be screened into a variety of aggregates, made of recycled concrete, coarse aggregate, all kinds of brick and road bricks, new wall materials, etc., so that construction waste can return to the orbit of recycling, not only for customers to bring considerable economic profits, but also for the cause of environmental protection made an important contribution, And the Government has the policy support to the construction rubbish industry, this will promote the construction rubbish processing industry and the construction rubbish treatment equipment production enterprise development.

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