River Sand Making Crusher

River gravel is the production of construction sand and gravel resources important, due to the high hardness of river gravel, a logical design crushing process in order to achieve the desired particle size specifications. Therefore, we in the process of river gravel production process configuration, equipment selection and quality control analyzes of the system.

Raw material quality control. Main river gravel, clay content control. The field sampling, removing artificial diameter greater than 50mm pebbles, check the clay content of 3 to 5% (mainly in the fine clay material into). To reduce the clay content, using excavators dig site wash way, full use of the river water clean river gravel under the (lower river gravel have been flowing through the tap to flip, so that the particle size small muddy river was washed away, play cleaning action).

Crushed quality material. To reduce the portion of the loss of fine particles, first sand washing machine to transform the sand washer wheel on the back of the screen by a 5mm hole instead 1mm, a substantial increase in the output of fine particles of sand, but then a new problem, carry fines more the water also, according to the original belt slope, a lot of sand flowing down along the belt, causing transport difficulties. For this case, to further reduce the rotor speed sand lost from the original 1.2r / min instead 0.5r / min, the speed is reduced, drainage time increases, greatly reducing the water content of the sand; while adjusting the angle of inclination belt from 18 degrees to 10 degrees; in addition, expanding the size of sand washing machine drain, the drain strainer into more fine mesh strainer, so into the drainage balance.

River gravel crushing production line equipment identified

the use of sand and gravel in combination with production of sand and stone. Production process can be based on the amount of sand and gravel per period, adjust the ratio of sand and gravel output to meet the construction needs. The main crushing process for forklift loading, coarse crushing, fine crushing, screening, washing, sand discharging. According to the model and the production of crushing equipment, the use of 5Ot processing capacity of 2 units per hour. Also taking into account the pebble hardness greatly, crushing efficiency is relatively low, selection of Sizing Crusher production line, namely, the first jaw crusher thick broken, and then impact crusher fine crushing machine and shaping.

Selected in the long span of plate thickness can use coarse crushing jaw crusher crushing high hardness cobble, local pressure, jaw, jaw teeth, broken moment, jaw opening is narrow and deep PE series of jaw crusher machine, fine crushing equipment counterattack type crusher, model selection criteria can be crushing strength high river pebbles, as final broken, crushed stone grain shape can meet the highway engineering related specification of aggregate quality requirements, broken gravel strip, sheet to control a lower content, wear parts easy to replace, wear; sand washing equipment, according to production requirements, the configuration of wheel bucket sand washing machine; other equipment configuration. Configure the 50t forklift, mainly used for feeding, material moving; configuration of 200kW transformer.

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